Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Fri Nov 4 09:40:57 EST 2005

> Over the last few months, I removed the elevated radials
> installed 60 radials on each vertical, about 25,000 feet
of #14
> bare copper wire laid directly on the ground and 7,000 sod
> staples to hold it all in place and out of my mower deck.
> improvement has been spectacular.   Breaking pileups is
> routine and if I don't get thru a pileup, usually no other
> coast station does either.


I live way down here in Georgia, 1000 miles further from
Europe with almost the same path as the east coast but a
longer distance. I need people in the NE to use elevated
radials! Please don't convince them to change from the 100%
efficient elevated systems they already use to a poor
conventional ground like I am using.

Is there anything I can do to get you to change back to the
old 100% efficient elevated system you were using?

73 Tom

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