[TowerTalk] 80 meter quad loops

donovanf@starpower.net donovanf at starpower.net
Fri Nov 4 09:25:18 EST 2005

Hi Bill,

I have a similar system, four 2-element quads, 50 meters high, 
at azimuths of 45, 150, 225 and 290 degrees.  I also lengthen 
the reflectors by adding wire to move them down the CW band.

At one time I had planned to install relays to add inductance to 
switch the reflectors from SSB to CW, but I never implemented 
it because of concerns about lightning induced relay failures.   

Later,  I discovered that the quads work very well on SSB when 
the reflectors are set for CW, but the converse is not true.  So I 
leave them set for CW except for a few weekends each year.  

My amplifiers (monoband 3-1000Z) easily handle the high 
VSWR on SSB when the quads are set to CW; however, there 
are many solutions to this problem if your amplifiers are 
sensitive to high VSWR.


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