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David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
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The 'double extended zepp' would sound like a 'center fed zepp' which is as
far as I am concerned a confusing term.  I think they have picked up on the
length of the wire used for a normal zepp and figured that by doubling it up
it would still be a double zepp but then it was extended.... in any case its
just a dipole.  Now don't get me started on those that use 'doublet' to mean
dipole, or some other variant of a dipole maybe.

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> I'm with the old school who calls a center fed antenna a dipole, and a
> Zepp the same thing they used on Zepplins, and there is no such thing as
> a center fed Zepp.  Since I don't claim to be up on all the latest
> terminology, I went to my ARRL Antenna books to see what is now being
> used for antenna names. It may be that other groups have different
> terms, so I just stayed with ham related sources. Here is what I found.
> A dipole is a class of antennas with two poles, one on each side of
> center, not necessarily resonant. This is a class, so modifier words are
> needed to distinguish specific types of dipoles: center fed dipole,
> center fed half wave dipole (also called a classic dipole), off-center
> fed dipole, folded dipole, inverted vee dipole, trap dipole, etc.
> An End Fed Zepp (or just Zepp) is the old Zepplin antenna.
> A Double Extended Zepp has 0.64 wavelength wires on each side of the
> center feed point.
> The only mention of a center fed Zepp antenna in any of the ARRL books
> was the comment that this was a misnomer.  I did find an article written
> by an ARRL staff member about a Center Fed Zepp, and he gave an example,
> but not a definition. It was a dipole fed with ladder line.  Cebik uses
> the term but he doesn't define it either.  He tends to use it as a
> dipole fed with balanced line.  I found several other reference to a
> center fed Zepp, but no definitions.  Many of the newer hams use this
> term, but I don't think they know what it means either.
> My opinion: Center Fed Zepp is a nice fancy name newer hams are picking
> up and using, but no one knows for sure exactly what it is, or they have
> their own definition which is not necessarily the same as that of
> others.  In my version of the definition, I would add that is has to be
> pointed true north.
> Jerry, K4SAV
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