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Julio Peralta jperalta at tampabay.rr.com
Tue Nov 8 15:22:33 EST 2005

I'm sure it can be done while standing but it would be much harder and
much less safe. I how have replaced the cable on 3 towers and I can't
imagine how hard it would be to do it while standing. In some cases the
sheaves must be removed to pass the cable end through the tower members
which means you will be standing at the top of the tower removing bolts
and sheaves while belted to the tower. 

Other problems you may encounter are trying to move a section of tower
to make the eye in the end of the cable align with the bolt hole in a
tower member. While standing you have to deal with the weight of the
section when you try to move it. Also when the cables are removed the
inner sections are free to slide and could pinch a body part in the
lattice work.

I think laying down is the safest and best way to re-cable a crank up.

Julio, W4HY

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Has anyone replaced the steel cables on a US Tower motor driven tower
(eg. HDX572MDPL)while it was in the vertical nested position (versus
laying on the ground)? If so, I would appreciate hearing from you on how
you did it.

Thanks - John Owens - N7SEJ 

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