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I have the same tower as you and thought the exact same thing.  I talk to the
man at Dayton this year and his question was "WHY?".  I told him that the top
section was a little tippy but the overall condition of the cable was good.
I told him that I heard that the slack can be reduced by giving the big nut on
top of the tension spring above the tension pulley a few turns. He said that is
a solution as long as the cable is in good condition.
I did that and the top section lost its tippyness and the inside cable was more
taunt to my liking and I put the thought of changing the cable on the back
burner but will monitor continously.
Dick, NJ9K 

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Has anyone replaced the steel cables on a US Tower motor driven tower (eg.
HDX572MDPL)while it was in the vertical nested position (versus laying on the
ground)? If so, I would appreciate hearing from you on how you did it.

Thanks - John Owens - N7SEJ 

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