[TowerTalk] Yanking out ground rods

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In the past I have used vise-grips and also brass ground wire connectors. 
The kind that fit around the rod.  I have used both of them successfully in 
conjunction with a car jack.  I have not had the brass break and wouldn't 
think that it would do so on rods that are only in the ground 3.5 feet.

Pat, K8PC
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>I have a number of ground rods that I need to pull out of the ground.
> They are 5/8 inch copper clad steel.  They are about 3.5 feet in the
> ground with about 6 inches exposed.
> I cannot pull them out by hand and I have no way to grap them to use
> some type of mechanical advantage.
> Any ideas welcome
> Thanks and 73, Tom W2SC 8P1A
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