[TowerTalk] Yanking out ground rods

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Tom -

If you have to remove them for some reason, I'd recommend the old-fashioned 
car jack mentioned in another reply.

You might, however, just consider driving the existing ground rods into the 
ground and buying new ones for future needs.  The effort to remove a ground 
rod may not be worth the cost of buying replacements.

73, Bob -W3YY

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>I have a number of ground rods that I need to pull out of the ground.
> They are 5/8 inch copper clad steel.  They are about 3.5 feet in the
> ground with about 6 inches exposed.
> I cannot pull them out by hand and I have no way to grap them to use
> some type of mechanical advantage.
> Any ideas welcome
> Thanks and 73, Tom W2SC 8P1A
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