[TowerTalk] New Tower Standard Update

Alan NV8A nv8a at att.net
Sat Nov 19 11:20:17 EST 2005

Is the wind zone information available other than by buying the whole 


Alan NV8A

On 11/19/05 11:11 am donovanf at starpower.net tossed the following 
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> For those who missed this last month, copies of TIA-222-G can 
> be purchased from TIA, but they are exceptionally expensive. 
> However...  there is a pdf presentation on the web that contains 
> many of the key differences in TIA-222-G, including the new 
> wind and ice zone maps.
> http://www.mei1inc.com/NAB-2003presentation.pdf
> One of the changes is in the wind zones.   TIA-222-G contains 
> over a hundred pages of wind and ice zone information for 
> every county in the US.  
> TIA-222-G has changed the way that windspeed is specified, 
> from the traditional "mile of wind" approach to a three second 
> maximum gust specification.  The TIA-222-G minimum wind 
> speed requirement (applies to most counties in the US) is now 
> 90 MPH three second gust, which is equivalent to a 75 
> MPH "mile of wind", 65 MPH sustained wind for 10 minutes or 62 
> MPH sustained wind for one hour.


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