[TowerTalk] Belt Slippage on LM-470 Towers

WA3GIN in Alex. City, VA wa3gin at erols.com
Tue Nov 22 23:15:51 EST 2005

Rubber begins to decay almost immediately after it is pressed into
shape. That is why tires on RVs although they have only a few thousand
miles have to be replaced. They aren't safe after more than three years
on the wheel.
Your belts are probably aged and a bit stretched.  Replace the belts
every couple of years and don't forget to replace the steel cables too
or you'll get a not so good surprise one day!


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I have not had any problem with the belt on my '470 slipping, but then
don't have cold WX in Arizona <grin>.

It could be the clutch on the driven pulley that is slipping, and that
adjustable.  Just keep in mind that the clutch is a safety device,
to slip when the tower is fully extended against the stops.  Slipping 
clutches save broken cables (and destroyed towers).

de Paul, W8AEF

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> Both my LM-470s tend to slip when I attempt to raise them, especially
> cold WX.  I have tightened the belts about as much as possible on
> several occasions.  In one case, wire brushed the large pulley to
> corrosion, etc.  Is there some kind of compound that can be applied to
> increase friction and eliminate slippage?
> 73 and thanks for your help.
> Joe
> K2XX


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