[TowerTalk] Belt Slippage on LM-470 Towers

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The hub of the driven pulley is a clutch.  This is true on my LM-470 and was 
true on my HZN-354.  (Not true on my Tristao TX-455).

What I call the driven pulley hub is mounted on the keyed worm gear the 
drive shaft and the pulley fits over the tapered hub with a plate and 2 
bolts that secure the pulley to the hub.

It's been a long time since I made this adjustment on my HZN-354 but I 
recall I inserted a two by four through the lowered tower (so it would not 
destroy itself if the cable broke), removed the drive belt, loosened the two 
bolts until the pulley turned freely on the hub, then tightened the two 
bolts until I could still move the tower up and down by turning the pulley 
by hand (no motor) but when the tower was against the stop (2x4) the clutch 
would slip.

There is no procedure for this in the manual.  It's the procedure I used 
because when I obtained my HZN-354 tower (used) the driven pulley was not on 
the hub.

The ususal weasel clause(s) apply in this case.  Just as the manufacture is 
not responsible so am I not responsible for any misfortune you may suffer by 
you or anyone else by following what I did.

de Paul, W8AEF

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> What clutch? What clutch adjustment?
> The "optional" (but should be "mandatory") limit switches should shut the
> motor off just before max up & down positions.
> I have never been aware of any clutch action on my motor or gearbox, nor 
> is
> it mentioned in the manual.
> 73
> Dan

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