[TowerTalk] TA-33M idea... good or bad?

Al Zelna mr.mri at epix.net
Tue Nov 29 19:20:14 EST 2005

Hello list,


All of this talk about antennas got me going.  I recently put up a TA-33M
(14' boom) which is working fine.  The antenna resides atop a 45' galvanized
tower.  This is my starter antenna.  My hope was to put up a C4-SXL by next


Could the TA-33 elements be homebrewed to a 23' boom while having two 40m
elements on the ends?  I would need separate feed lines and I realize rotor
and tower strength are concerns.  However, if they are okay. would such an
antenna play, or would the antennas interact adversely? 



Thanks for the help!



Al Zelna, N3KAE


PS: Anyone have a recipe for a two element 40m beam?


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