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Wed Apr 5 13:17:09 EDT 2006

First of all, thanks a lot to Bob, Dan and Marc for their replies.

Bob: Thanks for share your experience with me.

Dan: On my case, I´d like to protect the tower over all cause if it 
collapses down that could be a total disaster (even falling down completely 
within my property). It´s a square self supported tower, made of steel 40ft 
high. It´s 1.5 ft wide (x 4 sides) and it weights 441 pounds. It´s pulled 
into a cemented base with 15000 pounds of concrete (that´s too much but got 
a bussiness with a company that did the work for me for free and asked them 
to put a solid installation...ha!). Anyway, I went to the link you gave me 
on your mail and it doesn´t work out (it didn´t this afternoon will check 
again later)

Marc: My Optibeam has a square boom but I think it wouldn´t affect so much 
as Bob stated.

Assuming that I´m planning to install a rotative dipole for 7Mhz 6ft or so 
over the yagi that´s what I asked. Not worried about the yagi (neither about 
my T2X) but the dipole should be mounted offering the less wind load. If I 
put the Ob with the element tips into the wind, the dipole should be 
installed parallel to the yagi´s dipole...right?..73s!
EC1CT Fernando
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The OptiBeam design gives you the lowest wind load when the element ends
are pointed into the wind.  This is not the case for all yagi designs.
You should run the calculations to determine if the boom or elements
provides more wind load.  Barring that do what the manufacturer says.
My OptiBeams, OB16-3 and 40 Moxon  have survived very high winds here,
including a sustained hurricane a few years ago.  I point mine with the
element ends into the winds.  My little Force 12 C3E rides winds out
best with the boom end into the wind.  Yesterday was a "normal" spring
day here with gusts measured as high as 42 mph.  Just a light breeze
today, blowing about 20 mph right now.  Not a good place for wimpy
towers or beams.  73 bob de w9ge

ec1cwg at dxhunters.com wrote:

>Hello TTers,
>For a lot of years (almost 20) I´ve been placing my Explorer 14 straight 
>into the wind to avoid stress


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