[TowerTalk] Phased Verticals

rt_clay at bellsouth.net rt_clay at bellsouth.net
Wed Apr 5 14:30:14 EDT 2006

> Another source for phased vertical information is in a 
> Telex-HyGain Engineering report entitled "Phased Multi-Band 
> Verticals for Additional Gain and Low Angle Radiation."  The 
> report is undated but contains designs for 2 and 3 element 
> phasing systems showing the patterns and switching 
> configurations.  In the report the 3 antenna system is shown 
> with the antennas placed at the corners of an equilateral 
> triangle with each side of the triangle being 1/4 wavelength. 
>  In this configuration the report states that for the three 
> antenna configuration a 60 degree pattern can be switched in 
> six selectable directions.  Note that the cardioid pattern 
> shown in the report for the two antenna system is not totally 
> correct (it shows a point in the gain direction) and it does 
> not show patterns for the three element array.

Also note that the phasing for the cardioid array shown in that
report is incorrect. You can't just add a "delay" line of 1/4 wavelength
to get 90 degree phasing.


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