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This collar is a locking eccentric and it has a hole in the side for a pin wrench (or whatever) to tighten it.  This centers it
automatically in the bearing.  Don't throw it away - just make it work.  It's a common way that it is done.  It's probably Peer

Bill, N5YA

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I have recently received my MA-550 with MARB rotator base from UST.  All arrived in fine condition.

Included with the base bearing is a collar with setscrew.  Collar is machined with an eccentric 'rabbet' (for lack of a better word)
in one of the two flat sides.

The bearing has a mating eccentric machined on it.  The shaft of the mast is not large enough to  enable the collar's setscrew to
fix it in position.

The OD of the shaft is 1 1/2", the ID of the bearing is 1 3/4".  Not exactly a sliding fit.  Can anyone tell me what's going on
here.  Do I just discard the collar and drop the shaft through the bearing and go?  Or is there a bushing or something I'm missing.
I received everything on the Bill of Lading.

Thanks in advance
Gil, W1RG

Naturally it's Saturday.  Can't call UST 'til Monday.


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