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I am using a Yaesu G-2800DXA on a US Tower Rotor Base to turn MonstIR#1...

No problems with it whatsoever for more than a year, but the Rotor base
takes up the entire vertical load...

Take a look at www.ky6la.com for the MonstIR Project details and photo

Howard S. White Ph.D. P. Eng., VE3GFW/K6  ex-AE6SM  KY6LA
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I'm kicking around idea right now for my relocation out to KH6...if I ever
get to go.  Right now the MonstIR for 40 is looking pretty good.  One
problem...it is a beast with about 23 sq ft of wind load.  I've always been
a T2X
guy, but that rotator would be beaten to death by this one.

Any idea for a rotator gutsy enough to handle this, besides a  prop-pitch?
No HDR-300s please.

Bill K4XS

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