[TowerTalk] Prop Pitch and Green Heron...

Dino Darling dino at k6rix.com
Sat Apr 29 09:28:46 EDT 2006

Green Heron!  That's great Kurt!  Your continued support just keeps
going!!  I was hoping your webpage would show some of your finished
work like I saw in Visalia.  FIRST CLASS!

I was just checking out the Green Heron site the other day.  It would be
great if they offered an  interface to an add-on display panel with a
circle map or something.  You know, a small 6" x 6" box with a map you
can print out on your computer and overlay inside the box with a
pointer.  Maybe even to a computer screen with a projected map.  Call
me old school, but I would love this option.

If it already exists, please forgive my ignorance of such things.  I'm a
little slow on the uptake with the Green Heron.  I haven't been paying

Dino  -  K6RIX
dino at k6rix.com

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> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Big rotators
> From: "Kurt Andress" <k7nv at contesting.com>
> Date: Fri, April 28, 2006 1:01 pm
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> For those interested in such things....
> I will be at Dayton this year and will be showing one of my small prop pitch systems along with > the brand new control box I developed with Green Heron to properly & reliably run these things.
> Stop by booth 531 and at least say HI,
> Looking forward to seeing everyone this year.!
> 73, Kurt, K7NV
> www.k7nv.com

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