[TowerTalk] Big rotators for KH6

Mike Harris mike.harris at horizon.co.fk
Sat Apr 29 17:53:24 EDT 2006


Hawaii presents a problem that many other places may not have. The
prevailing weather is Trade wind. Wind oscillating from 5 to 20 MPH and
gusts to 25 MPH or higher is almost constant at times. The other pattern 
from no wind to winds up to 30 MPH plus higher gusts. This creates a
"hammering" of the hardware resisting the motion.

A similar situation here in the Falklands, we have an average daily 
windspeed of 18 knots.  More in the spring and less in the winter except 
for the frequent gales.  Fortunately my tower is telescopic/tilt over and 
it takes little time to bring the antenna and rotator down to ground level 
for inspection and maintenance.  I will keep in mind your excellent 
description of the bolt problem.

I cannot remember how many bolts clamp the two halves of the PST61D but I 
will keep an eye on them.


Mike VP8NO

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