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> At 06:59 PM 7/31/2006, Gary Schafer wrote:
> >If the power comes into the opposite side of the house from where the
> >antenna lines come in, the easiest way to handle that is to run a power
> >cable to the single point ground panel. The power protection devices
> would
> >mount on that panel along with the coax protection devices. The panel is
> >tied to the ground system by a very short wide ground strap. If telephone
> >lines go to the same equipment they would have protectors mounted to the
> >same panel.
> Gary,
> Just what do you mean by "run a power cable to the single point
> ground panel" when the power comes into the opposite side of the house?
> Can you describe this power cable? What should it attach to on the
> other side of the house? Is it a live wire with only protectors
> connected to it at the single point ground?
> Thanks es 73..de John/K4WJ

Hi John,

The best way to install a "single point ground system" is to have all
cables; antenna, phone, power etc. come into the house at one place and
bonded there. However it is not always possible to do so. Sometimes we need
to bring in our antenna cables somewhere other than near the power utility

In this case the easiest thing to do is to install a power outlet box (or
several) on your single point ground panel with the protection devices
installed inside the box and then just plug the other end of the power cable
feeding the box into any convenient outlet.

The idea is that all your cables are now referenced to one point, the
"single point ground panel". Power your rig ONLY from the outlet mounted on
the single point ground panel and feed the antenna to the rig ONLY from
antennas that are attached to that panel. Do not connect any other power
source to the rig or any other wires that do not first connect to the single
point ground panel. Doing so will leave the rig in the middle of a ground
path and allow lightning energy to pass through the rig.

With the single point ground panel, even if the voltage does get elevated
during a strike, no current will flow through the rig as it will also be
elevated to the same voltage as everything else.

Gary K4FMX

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