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     I have a belt and positioning strap from Buckingham ( http://www.buckinghammfg.com/linemen/pcbb.html .)  I believe the model 1958 is closest to the one I have.  My positioning strap is from their Arborist catalog ( http://www.buckinghammfg.com/arborist/ps.html .)  My model is 386699E.  

     With the adjustable feature of the strap, I can hook onto the tapering Trylon tower anywhere, without too much difficulty.  No matter where I am on the tower, I always run the strap THROUGH the tower, and not around it.  This would be more important for straight section towers like Rohn, where you might be able to slip all the way to the ground if your belt merely goes around the tower and you were to lose your footing.

     The trouble is this stuff might be a bit on the pricey side.  I bought my belt from someone else, used, so I was able to affford a bit more for the strap.

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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> I don't want to rekindle the whole tower climbing safety issue, just buy a
> good belt and strap.  I already have a number of safety harnesses and a new
> shock-absorbing Y lanyard with gorilla hooks.  My harnesses all have front
> mounted D rings (on the main lift web) and one has a back mounted D ring as
> well.  I am also installing a lifeline safety cable system on the tower so
> I'm pretty well set safety-wise.  What I want is a lineman's belt so I can
> lean back comfortably while working, and since I have a tapered tower I need
> an adjustable (preferably with one hand) "pole" strap.  The front mounted D
> rings on the harnesses don't work very well in this application (some are
> better than others, but none are great).  Does anyone have a belt and/or
> strap they would like to sell?  I'm a size 38, but of course the belt has to
> go over my clothes.  Even if you don't want to sell it, if you have a belt
> or strap you particularly like please tell me what it is and where you got
> it.  The combo belt/harness setups look neat, but I already have safety
> harnesses and don't want to get too spendy.
> Thanks & 73 - JC, K0HPS
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