[TowerTalk] WD8RXP Tower

crawfish crawfish at surfmore.net
Wed Aug 2 23:24:12 EDT 2006

It was on the cover of QST, January 1987. I have the issue here somewhere. I had a friend (now SK)who was building something similar, but his pocketbook,health, and resistance from spouse kept him from finishing it. He actually started too big on the bottom.It was 10 feet square at the bottom, and it was still 7 feet square at the 60 foot level.AFAIK, it is still standing. I would like to see more pictures of that tower, Roger. Speaking of towers, does anyone remember the issue in QST of the picture of the 280 foot tower that W5VA had at his TV station (his second ham station was W5AI there) that held up a 3-el. 40m Telrex? The tower was actually a relay tower to get network feed but there was space at the top.....
                            Joe W4AAB

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