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> It was on the cover of QST, January 1987. I have the issue here somewhere. 
> I had a friend (now SK)who >was building something similar, but his 
> pocketbook,health, and resistance from spouse kept him from finishing >it. 
> He actually started too big on the bottom.It was 10 feet square at the 
> bottom, and it was still 7 feet square

John's was actually larger than that.  I think it was 17' between the legs 
at the base. I know I could drive my car under it.

>at the 60 foot level.AFAIK, it is still standing. I would like to see more 
>pictures of that tower, Roger.

I didn't even know it was going to be in QST let alone the cover photo. 
That sure was a suprise when it arrived.  Norm Keyon (WA8AEG) who wrote the 
article brought over a cover for me.

>Speaking of towers, does anyone remember the issue in QST of the picture of 
>the 280 foot tower that ?>W5VA had at his TV station (his second ham 
>station was W5AI there) that held up a 3-el. 40m Telrex? The >tower was 
>actually a relay tower to get network feed but there was space at the 

It sounds familiar, but I can't place it.  If you have an issue date I can 
look it up as I have the set on CD.


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