[TowerTalk] RFI Radius vs Ant Height

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Thu Aug 3 07:38:14 EDT 2006

A very important step in starting operation in a place like this is to put
up the tower and antenna... but NOT connect the feedline for at least a
week.  That will give you a chance to find out who has other tvi/rfi
problems before you get on the air.  I know this will be tough, but it is
normally well worth the restraint to flush out the complainers and show
them that it can't be you causing their problem.

keeping your own house clean is another big step, if you can show them a
TV sitting next to the amp that is clean while you are transmitting, and a
phone with no noise, it can help make the point that its not your
equipment but likely are their appliances that are at fault.

> Its been a very long time since I ran an HF KW from a residence.  At a new
> QTH, I am contemplating doing so, using a yagi on a tower, say at 60 ft.
> I
> am now at a fairly dense subdivision, shown here on a google map.
> See:
> Click on:
> http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=Rocklin+CA&ie=UTF8&ll=38.780237,-121.260095&spn=0.004023,0.010815&t=h&om=1
> I am in the house near the center of the aerial photo;  bounded by Lincoln
> Ave to the West, Springview Drive to the East, South Whitney Blvd to the
> North, and Glacier Drive  to the South.
> The house has a  race track-shaped blue color,  swimming pool in the back
> yard.   Roughly center of the photo.  As you can see, an arbitrary radius
> circle of say 500 ft, ecompasses a large number of houses, perhaps 60 or
> 70.
> Question is:
> What has others experience been while running KW level HF stations, as to
> typical or maximum distances from your station tower/antenna, to homes
> experiencing objectionable RFI to various home electronics.  If say, 500
> feet, in my case I may irritate 60 or 70 households.  If the RFI affected
> radius is larger, I am in even more trouble with neighbors..
> Raising the antenna from, (small multiband yagi) say, a  modest 40 ft to,
> say 70 feet... will that ameliorate the neighborhood  RFI very much for an
> HF KW?
> Maybe I should think towards building a club/Public Service/Contest
> oriented
> station at a location near, but out of subdivision
> interiors.....OR...Going
> QRP.....
> Tnx
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