[TowerTalk] High-Voltage Testing

Mike K6BR noddie at comcast.net
Tue Aug 8 23:17:59 EDT 2006

Just looking at my Megger reg trade mark, made by Evershed & Vignoles, Acton
lane works, Chiswick, London W4.  This one must 50 years old (brown
bakerlite).  It has a hand driven generator to generate the high voltage.

Mike K6BR

Wow.... what does a 300KV voltage tester look like...how does it generate 
that high of a voltage?

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>Subject: [TowerTalk] High-Voltage Testing
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>A megger is slang for a megohmmeter. In fact, a company sold their 
>megohmmeter under the trade name "Megger". This is also known as a hi-pot( 
>or high-potential)tester. We use them every day in our manufacturing plant 
>to check out the AC input to our equipment to insure that we don't have AC 
>or DC leakage to ground. I used to check coax cables up to 40 kV. X-ray 
>units have to be megged at up to 300 kV.
>                                                              Joe W4AAB
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