[TowerTalk] Weird antenna question

Merlin-7 KI4ILB merlin-7 at sc.rr.com
Sun Aug 13 13:13:25 EDT 2006

<snip>Remember the guy wire your antenna was then laying on is just adding an
additional wire to your antenna system.

The Ground end is many feet away and depending on the frequency and distance
to the ground, the connection to ground itself may not have had much effect

 Now this has me thinking, Has anyone ever built an antenna out of a  (GROUNDED) tower by feeding at the top?
 I could run some coax up there and ground the feed to the upper part of the tower and I guess I could just run a long wire or something from the sheild side of the coax. 
 Connect my antenna analizer up and see what it says.
 If I find a frequency it likes I could then do some field patteren tests with a field strength meter.

 might be kinda fun, I would need to keep a close eye on the swr etc...I have a feeling it is acting as some kind of loop antenna


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