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I agree with you completely about the leveling nuts, but a friend of mine
put up a used MA-770 and after he had it installed he realized had forgot
the bottom nuts.  He didn't bother to take it down and install them and it's
still standing tall (and straight as far as I can tell) after nearly 20

73 - JC, K0HPS

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On 08/13/06 12:59 pm Julio Peralta wrote:

> A friend and I were discussing his installation of a UST TX-455. I
> mentioned that it's a good idea to use a non-shrinking grout under the
> base. To which he replied that UST said that grouting isn't needed if
> the leveling bolts are used. I checked their website and the TX-455
> foundations diagram does state this.
> I was thinking that if the leveling bolts are used that is when grouting
> was needed. If for nothing else to keep water from standing around the
> bolts. Doesn't the grout provide some load support for the base? And if
> you don't use leveling bolts and the base is setting directly on the
> slab how could you use the grout.
> All comments welcome.

Could anyone truly *guarantee* that the top surface of the foundation is
sufficiently level to elimate the need for the leveling nuts? I think I
would want to use the leveling nuts (with non-shrinking grout) just to
be sure.

Alan NV8A

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