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Some companies say not to use the hydraulic drill and if you check right 
after installing the rods they will have some play or could usually be 
pulled. However if you come back in a week or two (in most areas) they will 
be as solid as if you had driven them in.

So it depends on the soil, the soil conditions, and the amount of rain you 

In a very dry climate the hydraulic drill might not be the best way to go. 
OTOH it might be the only time the ground gets that wet<:-))

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> What is the best/easiest method to sink ground rods? I know the trick of
> using water to fill the hole several times to make it easy, but I have 
> also
> heard that the ground contact is not as good using this method vs. 
> pounding
> the rod in the hard way, in dry ground. Which is best?
> Allen Ross Brier, N5XZ
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