[TowerTalk] Re ground rods

NI7T ni7t at preciscom.net
Mon Aug 14 14:14:22 EDT 2006

great advice on driving ground rods..my local Home Depot tool rental shop
had a medium sized Hilti Hammer drill and the ground rod bit..If you want to
buy one Milwaukee sells a ground rod bit part #48-62-4091 for about $60 you
can then rent a hammer drill..I suggest a medium size drill since you may
have to hold the drill up at 6 feet for a while
Mike Reagan
Price, Utah
> At 10:32 PM 8/13/2006, Allen R. Brier wrote:
> >What is the best/easiest method to sink ground rods? I know the trick of
> >using water to fill the hole several times to make it easy, but I have
> >heard that the ground contact is not as good using this method vs.
> >the rod in the hard way, in dry ground. Which is best?
> Rent, or borrow, a rotary percussion hammer with the ground rod driving
> attachment. The latter is a little thing that looks kind of like a
> socket for a 1/2" drive socket, except it's smooth inside and fits right
> over the end of the rod.  The one I rented had a sort of
> action to grab the rod (or, more likely, to release the rod when you were
> done).
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