[TowerTalk] Re ground rods

Larry Burke wi5a at sbcglobal.net
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As I understand it, the shanks for SDS (aka SDS-Plus) are not the same as
the shanks for the SDS-Max. The Milwaukee part mentioned below has an
SDS-Max shank, and therefore must be used in an SDS-Max drill. Keep that in
mind when renting or borrowing.  

The inexpensive hammer drills sold by the likes of Harbor Freight are plain
SDS. Does anyone know of an inexpensive plain SDS shank ground rod bit? 


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great advice on driving ground rods..my local Home Depot tool rental shop
had a medium sized Hilti Hammer drill and the ground rod bit..If you want to
buy one Milwaukee sells a ground rod bit part #48-62-4091 for about $60 you
can then rent a hammer drill..I suggest a medium size drill since you may
have to hold the drill up at 6 feet for a while Mike Reagan NI7T Price, Utah

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