[TowerTalk] Towers/Antennas Near 138kV Transmission Lines

N0OEL at aol.com N0OEL at aol.com
Tue Aug 15 01:08:19 EDT 2006

Tom wrote:
At a local campground where we camp, there are some power lines just as you  
go into the campground.  When listening to the AM radio, the signal  always 
gets much stronger as I drive right under the lines.  I've  always wondered 
what would happen if I sat under them with a mobile and  transmitted.  Maybe 
it would act like an amp :-)  73
Tom  W7WHY

Nothing would happen.    Do you go on the air of a AM radio  station when you 
pass it on the highway?   No.      They are transmitting on your AM radio 
RECEIVE frequency and you won't get into  their transmission.   That is unless 
their nearby transmitter audio  sectionis wide open and unusually open to 
intermod.   I  would doubt that.    By the way under FCC law they can transmit a  
very low power signal on the broadcast band than cant go beyond a certain number 
 of feet.   They do the same at drivein theaters to replace the drivein  
speaker we all remember from the good old days!     But who  ;paid attention to 
movie audio in those days?

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