[TowerTalk] Towers/Antennas Near 138kV Transmission Lines

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Tue Aug 15 01:14:53 EDT 2006

Hi Mike

I think you misunderstood what I was saying (TIC of course).  I was saying 
maybe my signal would get into the power line wires and re-radiate like a 
big antenna, like it does on the receive end.  I know I couldn't get into 
the AM station antenna.  73

> At a local campground where we camp, there are some power lines just as 
> you
> go into the campground.  When listening to the AM radio, the signal 
> always
> gets much stronger as I drive right under the lines.  I've  always 
> wondered
> what would happen if I sat under them with a mobile and  transmitted. 
> Maybe
> it would act like an amp :-)  73
> Tom  W7WHY
> Nothing would happen.    Do you go on the air of a AM radio  station when 
> you
> pass it on the highway?   No.      They are transmitting on your AM radio
> RECEIVE frequency and you won't get into  their transmission.   That is 
> unless
> their nearby transmitter audio  sectionis wide open and unusually open to
> intermod.   I  would doubt that.    By the way under FCC law they can 
> transmit a
> very low power signal on the broadcast band than cant go beyond a certain 
> number
> of feet.   They do the same at drivein theaters to replace the drivein
> speaker we all remember from the good old days!     But who  ;paid 
> attention to
> movie audio in those days?
> -Mike
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