[TowerTalk] high tension lines and health

kd4e kd4e at verizon.net
Tue Aug 15 05:58:21 EDT 2006

> That said, some 15 years ago, there was an RF safety presentation
> done at Dayton by a ham and physician, who observed that there WAS
> a rat/mice study done on AC fields.  He observed that the data from
> that study correlated 60Hz fields with several diseases in the rats,
> including some cancers.  His conclusion was....your electric blanket
> is far more dangerous to you than your ham station.

It is also true that if they tested common
refined white sugar using the same protocols
as they use for sugar substitutes it would be
a banned substance -- because at the levels
they tested it would kill every test subject.

The test protocols in environmental hazard cases
are often absurd.

Has anyone ever looked at the background radiation
in and around their homes and workplaces?

In general the more dense the substance the higher
the levels -- stone is particularly bad -- explains
some of the madness of kings of old ... and defects
of those living in caves in the past?


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