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Gary Schafer garyschafer at comcast.net
Tue Aug 15 23:23:25 EDT 2006

We had a field like that on our farm. One field would never grow things
worth a darn while the others seemed to do well. No HT lines within miles

Gary  K4FMX

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> I can say for a fact that the hi-tension lines alter crops.For years we
> have
> taken pictures of our farm,from an airplane.The pix catch our farm and
> about
> 1/2 mile of hi-tension (200 kv I think) lines that run 250 yards behind
> our
> barn,in EVERY one there is marked difference under those lines in whatever
> crop we have planted there at the time,corn, winter wheat,alfalfa,oats or
> soybeans.It doesn't matter,it is always shorter and more "stunted".Now
> that
> some of our harvesters have yeild monitors on them you can see the
> difference as well.Our barn is in line with these lines and we had to
> break
> up our metal water lines because they were getting voltage on them even
> though they are grounded in more ways then I want to get into.I wouldn't
> build anything under those things or 250 yards on either side.I farmer
> freind of mine mentioned that his tractor ran "funny" when he drove under
> on
> set of those lines that seem lower then most.Seems as though the HV was
> messing up the engine controls on his Cummins powered John Deere,when he
> drove away the tractor returned to normal but would give a weird engine
> malfunction code.Those things are to be stayed away from.    Gregg  K9KL
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