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As an employee of a state regulatory agency, I have been to transmission 
line construction sites and have seen that the very heavy machinery used 
seriously compacts the ground around and between the towers (when setting 
out the cables).  The soil is never the same again.  The compaction hinders 
root growth and stunts the crops.  73  Saul  K2XA
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> We had a field like that on our farm. One field would never grow things
> worth a darn while the others seemed to do well. No HT lines within miles
> though.
> 73
> Gary  K4FMX
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>> I can say for a fact that the hi-tension lines alter crops.For years we
>> have
>> taken pictures of our farm,from an airplane.The pix catch our farm and
>> about
>> 1/2 mile of hi-tension (200 kv I think) lines that run 250 yards behind
>> our
>> barn,in EVERY one there is marked difference under those lines in 
>> whatever
>> crop we have planted there at the time,corn, winter wheat,alfalfa,oats or
>> soybeans.It doesn't matter,it is always shorter and more "stunted".Now
>> that
>> some of our harvesters have yeild monitors on them you can see the
>> difference as well.Our barn is in line with these lines and we had to
>> break
>> up our metal water lines because they were getting voltage on them even
>> though they are grounded in more ways then I want to get into.I wouldn't
>> build anything under those things or 250 yards on either side.I farmer
>> freind of mine mentioned that his tractor ran "funny" when he drove under
>> on
>> set of those lines that seem lower then most.Seems as though the HV was
>> messing up the engine controls on his Cummins powered John Deere,when he
>> drove away the tractor returned to normal but would give a weird engine
>> malfunction code.Those things are to be stayed away from.    Gregg  K9KL
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