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Thu Aug 17 23:11:28 EDT 2006


     I have been doing some research on putting up what will really be my first beam and I'm looking for suggestions.  Due to the possibility that I might be moving in the next year, I'm considering putting a 9-ft Glen Martin roof tower on my current house (roof peak at about 17 feet).  I've been researching smallish beams for this installation, but I don't have experience with any of them and am looking for any inputs from the towertalkers.

 This is certainly not an all-inclusive list, but I've done some reading on:
     - Cushcraft MA5B
     - Force 12 C-3SS
     - Mosley (Mini-33, TA-33 Jr, MP-33)
     - Butternut HF5B

     I've also looked into two larger antennas, the Tennadyne T-6 and a 3L Steppir.  (Long story, but I've been hoping to put up a Steppir after a move to a new property, so I considered just getting a Steppir now and not using the minibeam.)  For various reasons, I probably won't pursue the larger antenna in my current situation, but I thought I would at least mention it.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions/recommendations.

Dave / K8JDC

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