[TowerTalk] Huntsville Hamfest Lightning Seminar

Noid noid at baycrestfl.com
Thu Aug 17 20:56:57 EDT 2006

Is anyone going to the Huntsville Hamfest lightning seminar?  If you can
relay the information of the seminar, you would help so many.  How about the
top five questions we have here on the forum, that someone asks?  
Can someone fill in for the TT forum and ask the questions we ask all the
time and get a definitive answer? 
Its an opportunity for a real pro to answer the questions we all have!  
Single point grounding, placement of grounding buss plate, how many rods and
how far from one another, how to run a ground from point to point, do the
porcupines work, etc etc.
Anyone going? Ask the questions now and have someone speak for the TT group.
Start asking questions for Dr. Monte Bateman, Thunderstorm Physicist, NASA
will tell you how to protect your shack and your tower: to answer your
Noid Wilson 
RF Engineer

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