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> At 02:11 PM 8/18/2006, K8RI on TowerTalk wrote:
>> > Yes. And not all hams have spare cash laying around. For many, it is
>> > a stretch to own one decent radio. The cost of a beam on a properly
>> > engineered tower could put a child through a year at some colleges!
>>That's either a very expensive college
> Sadly, not these days.. except for the community colleges.  Even at state 
> supported instutitions like UCLA, it's $7143/yr for undergrad (not 
> counting dorms, etc.).

For my instalation http://www.rogerhalstead.com/ham_files/Tower29.htm
 and http://www.rogerhalstead.com/ham_files/Tower26.htm
Considering tower, concrete, antennas, and guy line, and anchors with me 
doing all the work we'd be looking at between two and three years worth. Add 
an engineer and I'll bet it'd come to about 4 years worth not counting dorm 

OTOH I quite a very good paying job as an instrument tech to go back to 
college after working for 26 years.
If I consider lost wages that makes the $7143 look absolutely cheap! <:-)) 
Graduated with a BS in CS at age 50, worked 7 years and retired.  OK, so I'm 
a slow learner<:-))

I don't know the fees for the Masters as I was picked up on a full ride as a 
GA at another university. Fortunately for my finances I was offered a job so 
I only had the one term, but the University was footing the bill.

> http://www.registrar.ucla.edu/Fees/grad.htm
> Moving down a tier, Cal State Northridge is $3000/yr
> Community colleges are $26/unit plus some additional fees. (to get your 2 
> yr degree takes about 50 units)

Units?  All I've ever seen has been credit hours.  The only place I've seen 
units used in adult ed and those weren't transferable.

Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
N833R - World's oldest Debonair CD-2
www.rogerhalstead.com (Use return address from home page)
> Get into private institutions like USC or Stanford, and I suspect the tab 
> runs a bit higher<grin>.
>>  or cheap tower installation.  A good
>>size tower that requires engineering at the local level (in some areas)
>>could send a kid all the way through some four year colleges.
> I suspect that the places that require lots of engineering are also 
> expensive places to go to college.  <grin>
> Jim, W6RMK (who has a 13 year old child and is starting to really pay 
> attention to this stuff)

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