[TowerTalk] Ground Radial Attachment Bus ?

Clint Talmadge unclebudd at bellsouth.net
Sun Aug 20 21:32:52 EDT 2006

Doug (et all)
The buss bars you describe work well.  A local ham has 4 of them in a square 
around the base of his HyTower.  I have one that is about to see service on 
my HF9V.  There are through-holes that let you anchor them to a plate.

(HINT: You can get a pretty healthy chunk of brass if you go the Dept 
Manager of Hardware at your local Lowe's or other Big Box Building materials 
store and tell him or her that you will buy a dented Brass Door Plate if one 
should be made available.  I got one 36" long X 12' wide with one corner 
folded over  for $10.)

Clint - W5CPT

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>I am putting up a vertical for 40m. Yes, I know, but this is all I can put 
>up at the moment.  I was thinking that I could use a few of those bus 
>connections like a circuit breaker panel has. You slide the wire in ans 
>tighten the screw.  Seems like it would be a whole lot quicker than other 
>methods. Are there other methods like that you guys have used?
> Doug, N4IJ   Harrah, OK
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