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Funny thing about the Maxcom I think they are still being made and sold
to the government.

Julio, W4HY

Yes, despite the fact that the advertising is misleading, the 
Maxcom does radiate. In fact, many commercial and 
military aircraft use short monopole antennas that use 
resistive pads for broadband matching (same concept). 
When you do this, you are trading efficiency for bandwidth. 
There are other techniques, which give you bandwidth 
without the efficiency penalty, but they are generally 
more complex. For one military job I worked on, the 
company I worked for was building a frequency agile 
antenna matching unit using PIN diodes to replace the
lossy pads in a fighter jet monopole antenna. It improved 
gain (especially at the low-end of the frequency range), 
but it was orders of magnitude more complex and 
expensive than a simple padded monopole.

73, Mike W4EF..................................................

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