[TowerTalk] WTB: Self Supporting Structure in Central Florida-Tampa

Noid noid at baycrestfl.com
Wed Aug 23 20:48:24 EDT 2006

Hey TTer's
I am looking for a self supporting tower.  I would like to have a tower at
least 40 feet, if you have a taller one-all the better.  Due to city lot
size restrictions, guying is not an option.  Side bracket is not exactly an
option due to thru bolting into house would be an issue on the interior
aesthetics.  Crank-up or tilt over or tapering self supporting structure is
desired.  I would be placing a 1 HF, 1 VHF beams, with minimum 9-10 sq ft of
windload but no more than 15 sq ft total.  Luckily time is on my side, I
have gone a number of years without a tower and I am still young but the
tower bug is itching strong and needs to be scratched.  
There are a lot of great towers are in the Midwest, way out West, or a
thousand miles away and way to hard to get them here to Tampa.  
If you know of a structure that is not being used, swapped out, never used
etc let me know.  If anyone has an idea also let me know.  
Thanks all.  I know K4XS has a ton of tower to go probably, but I can't guy
or bracket.
Noid Wilson
Tampa, FL

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