[TowerTalk] Inverted L questions

Dave NØRQ n0rq-lists at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 24 16:05:56 EDT 2006

First thing that came to my mind would be a 
sweep-L made out of PVC.  This would allow 
the wire to easily slide through it, without the
need for a sharp bend.  Also agreed with
the other comment -- maybe use rope, and pull
your wire through after the arborists are done.

pic of sweep L:

- Dave N0RQ
n0rq at arrl.net

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> Hi all,
> Sorry, not a question about Plastic Owls....
> I'm expecting the tree service company to be by in a week or two and 
> one of the things they agreed to do was mount my 160 Inverted L for 
> me. They won't let me up in the bucket with them, thus they'll be 
> doing the actual install. So I'm wondering about the actual mechanics 
> of making this antenna. The support end will probably be an eye-bolt 
> screwed into the top of an oak tree, with a marine pulley attached by 
> an openable-link or karabiner type deal. This will be for the end 
> support rope, and I'll have a weight on the end for tension.
> What I'm not so sure about is how the "bend" in the inverted L wire 
> should be accomplished. I'd thought a marine pulley was the answer 
> for that end, too, but I've been told absolutely not by several 
> folks. This needs to be something the tree service company workers 
> can install (with me supervising, of course). I can't pre-make this 
> portion since I don't know the height of the tree or where the safest 
> place will be in the tree to actually mount the "bend."

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