[TowerTalk] How is the best way to bend rebar

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 27 00:01:23 EDT 2006

I did mine the hard way.  Chucked the re-bar in a vise, slipped a piece of 
heavy gauge steel water pipe over it, and bent it by hand.  For some pieces 
I chucked it tightly and beat the bar into submission with a sledge hammer.

Cutting it with a hacksaw isn't difficult.  Just saw a small nick in one 
side, less than 1/4 way through the bar, bend it away from the cut, and it 
will break into two pieces cleanly.

Considering the work involved in digging the hole and working with the 
concrete, erecting the tower and all the other involved work, constructing 
the rebar cages was one of the easier tasks.

I mostly wired my rebar cages together using soft bare steel wire sold for 
the purpose, but tack welded a couple of pieces in place.  I suspended the 
cages in the hole using the same wire that I used to tie the pieces 
together.  After the  concrete was poured, I dug down into the wet concrete 
a couple of inches with a pair of diagonal cutters and clipped the 
suspension wires, leaving a complete concrete cover over all the metal in 
contact with the rebar.

I put up 127' of Rohn 25 single-handedly back in 1980.  Don't know if I 
would have the stamina to do that today or not.

Don k4kyv


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