[TowerTalk] Trenching Ouch

zl1aih at ihug.co.nz zl1aih at ihug.co.nz
Sun Aug 27 02:30:52 EDT 2006

Hi Mike,
Been there, done that with a "Ditch Witch" cutting a trench for a phone 
cable - serious mistake because it took about three days to recover 
from the shoulder pain, and I laid the phone cable across a lawn area 
that was later needed for a radial field for an 80m vertical.
Consequently, Internet operation is forbidden during contest 
Next serious mistake - using a large rotary hoe to prepare a level site 
for two 5500 gallon water tanks - same severe shoulder pain.
PMR-like symptoms, only relieved by daily Prednisone (very small 
dose) and the jury is still out as to cause and effect.
I do hope that you will not have an experience like mine.<G>
73, Ken ZL1AIH

 >Today I'm "recovering" from serveal hours behind 
a Ditch-Witch (Model
1030) yesterday.  My yard looks like I've got HUGE 
GOPHERS everywhere.
 That machine has vibrated and bufffed every 
muscle in my body and I
feel like a guy whose had several rounds in the ring 
with Ali!    This
thing is not for precision work.  It gets a job done but 
much hand
work is now required owing to the fact that I had set 
all my ground
rods first (would rethink this next time) and followed 
by trenching
between them.>  

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