[TowerTalk] high tension wires

Gayle Kaye gaylekaye at toast2.net
Sun Aug 27 17:37:03 EDT 2006

I found you by doing a search on google . I am just plain ol'John Q.  
Public who's trying not to panic. So try to use some plain talk. It  
would be appreciated. I am good with a dictionary.

I just heard there is going to be a 500kV high tension wire built in  
our valley to help bring more electricity to the "city" 12 miles  
away. Of course I chose to live in a semi isolated area because I  
like it and feel upset by this "major intrusion."  My question to you  
is about the safety of this "wire" being put through our valley, and  
how concerned should we be?

Not being an expert on electricity and it's effects I am looking for  
some information so I can be informed rather than just plain scared.  
I have two girls 11+14, livestock, and an orchard that helps to   
supplement my lively hood as a teacher. How concerned should I be?  
The wire will be about 5-700 feet from my house. there about 30 homes  
where it will pass and being a small town the is of course some  
hysteria going on. Please let me know your opinion or where i can get  
some information to be able to conclude my own opinion.

Trying not to panic,

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