[TowerTalk] Shackles on guy wire ends

bob finger finger at goeaston.net
Sun Aug 27 17:06:25 EDT 2006

Safety wires on a shackle are easy and a wise thing to do.  That said 
with normal guy wire tension I doubt one would ever back out unless you 
forgot to tighten it in the first place.  Shackles are relatively 
inexpensive and if you ever need to do work on the guy you will be very 
pleased that you used them.  I also use them to join Phyllistran big 
grips to ehs big grips.  Its easier than hammering the smaller thimble 
into the bigger one.  But buy only heavily galvanized or SS shackles.  
The cheap plated ones will rot out quick.  73 bob de w9ge

Mike Bragassa wrote:

>intrigued by the photo showing a shackle between the guy grip and bracket

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