[TowerTalk] Shackles on guy wire ends

Mike Bragassa bragassa at consolidated.net
Sun Aug 27 16:24:32 EDT 2006

intrigued by the photo showing a shackle between the guy grip and bracket
link. It was also interesting to see a bit of wire being used to prevent the
shackle bolt from moving""

Both of my towers are that way. I guess quite by coincidence for N4GN. Mine 
have been up 14 and 16 years using shackles....around the guy wire bracket 
bolt; not another 'ring' (?)
Makes it easier to string up when assembling the guys. Don't have to wrap 
the guy grip  at 100 feet or hook-and-bolt the  guy bracket. Hook the 
shackle(s)  around the already mounted guy bracket bolt(s) and be done with 
I like to keep my time 30 feet or more above un-guyed towers at a bare 
minimum. Just a psychological thing for me...

Mike, K5UO 

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