[TowerTalk] FW: Finding True North Using the Moon

Pat Barthelow aa6eg at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 28 11:57:21 EDT 2006

I traced the originator of The true north query, back to Bruce, WA3AFS....
Found his Address via qrz.com,  of 260 New Salem South Road, Voorheesville 
NY.  12186.

Assuming that is his tower location, Alignment can be determined in about 20 
by bringing up the address on Google Maps.

I captured the Google map code for the map and pasted here.   Click on:


If his QTH was in sectionalized land, (Townships, Sections, Quarter 
Sections, Baseline Road, etc)  N/S would be obvious and easy, as major 
streets often  run True North and South and East - West.  But no........ it 
will take an additonal 20 seconds or so.....

I tried using the photo in Bruce's QRZ listing, to pinpoint the tower on 
Google photo,  but for his location, the Google photo is not high 
resolution.  So, simply locate the tower with the Google  Map function and 
drag the tower location on the  map to the edge of the google map frame 
which runs true north and south, and walk your eye  up (or down) the map 
until it intersects with an identifiable ground feature that you can see 
from the tower.  Eyeball align  the boom to that feature and you will 
probably be within a degree of true north.

73, DX, de Pat AA6EG aa6eg at hotmail.com;
                  Skype:  Sparky599

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