[TowerTalk] Rotohammers and ground rods

WarrenWolff at aol.com WarrenWolff at aol.com
Thu Aug 31 01:40:06 EDT 2006

The electrician who is going to do my radials at  Lake Havasu City AZ made a 
comment in reference to the difficulties driving  ground rods.
"I have Bosch's largest rotohammer and can tell you  what the other guy did 
wrong. He did not use the ground rod driver attachment  for the tools he used. 
If he had, he would not have ended up with mushroomed  heads on the ground 
rods needing to be cut off. The attachment is about $50.00  and I have never seen 
one for rent."
Just for TTalker info.
Regards,   Warren;  W7WY

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