[TowerTalk] Rotohammers and ground rods

Tom McAlee tom at klient.com
Thu Aug 31 02:15:05 EDT 2006

Makita's ground rod attachment was $20 at a local mom-and-pop hardware 
store.  Lowe's didn't carry it, but the people working there at least knew 
enough about what I wanted to send me to the right place.

It sinks 8' rods into hard clay with plenty of rocks with almost no 
mushroom-heading.  If you encounter a house-sized boulder (plenty of those 
around here!) you're in trouble, but I guess you would be no matter what.

Rental places gave me a puzzled look when I asked about ground rod 
attachments.  My plan was to by the attachment myself and rent the hammer 
drill.  But, I ended up just buying both.  The Makita unit is quite capable 
for this purpose and was under $600 new.

Tom, NI1N

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> The electrician who is going to do my radials at  Lake Havasu City AZ made 
> a
> comment in reference to the difficulties driving  ground rods.
> "I have Bosch's largest rotohammer and can tell you  what the other guy 
> did
> wrong. He did not use the ground rod driver attachment  for the tools he 
> used.
> If he had, he would not have ended up with mushroomed  heads on the ground
> rods needing to be cut off. The attachment is about $50.00  and I have 
> never seen
> one for rent."
> Just for TTalker info.
> Regards,   Warren;  W7WY
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