[TowerTalk] Bosch Tower Base Evidence Removal

AA6DX - Mark aa6dx at arrl.net
Thu Aug 31 01:53:59 EDT 2006

Ian - GM3SKE - was mentioning Bosch as an inventor of the hammering ... and, 
I am here to tell you, their electric jackhammer worky worky as to getting 
rid of a tower base you want to "discapeeer" when you move, or put the home 
up for sale...      Simply lay in a supply of super cold Bud, Miller, Coors, 
or .. room temp Guinness .. rent the Bosch .. and then "whup it" on the base 
you worked so hard on a few years back ... chisel away, down to as low as 
you feel comfortable with leaving as your eternal marker ..   sometimes 6", 
or maybe down to even a couple feet...  =];?}  -- Depends ... how far down 
from the property's asking price were you "chiseled" .. HIHI ..    the 
proper chisel bit will even chop off the buried tower legs, if that was how 
you installed ...  remove that concrete debris, and cover over with topsoil 
.. bye bye tower base...     and, if you were "taken" on the real estate 
deal, you can awaken in the wee hours of a later spring morn, with the 
vision --   rototiller  ... ha .. you got it!  The general populace does not 
see your tower base as a "feature" .. so don't try to promote it as such 
when huckstering your real estate... unless you know to whom you are 
pitching this exquisite hunk of concrete! ..    Actually, as to removal, you 
really should do more better than this,  --  B U T ...  .. ....  been there, 
done that ..    73, Y'all ...Mark Nelson  -  AA6DX

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