[TowerTalk] Cable ties, tape or both?

Keith Dutson kdutson at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 1 15:47:33 EST 2006

I like cable ties because they are so easy carry and install on the tower.

However, there are two cautions to their use from my experience:
1. They are not all that durable, even the UV-resistant variety. So I follow
with a wrap or two of Scotch 88 tape.
2. They can crush softer cables if installed too tightly.  When making a run
of several cables I try to position the softer ones (usually relay or
rotator control) so they are not crushed.

73, Keith NM5G 

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Simple question: do you prefer using cable ties (UV-rated), black tape or
both to secure hardline, coax and control cables to your tower? I've seen
all three methods in various installations and am interested in experiences
with each. 
73, Dick WC1M

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